Pedala con i Campioni - Ride with Champions

Pedala con i Campioni - Ride with Champions

Brinzio, Varese, a region about 1 hour west of Como held their annual Ride with Champions day. "Pedala con i Campioni." Two thousand cyclists got a chance to ride with the likes of Ivan Basso, Oscar Freire Gomez, Luca Paolini, Giorgia Bronzini, Noemi Cantele , Valentina Carretta, Fabio Felline, Massimo Codol, Edoardo Girardi, Luca Zanasca, and Roberto Damiani. This was the 12th edition of this ride. Its held every December 8. Its a casual 45km ride that takes the riders through a beautiful backdrop of northern italian roads. Afterwards, autograph signing and photos opps were available. Overall, it looked like a chilly Gran Fondo ride, but its a little more specific in that its specifically for "giving back" to the local Italian Cycling Clubs. Its great to see the pros give back to the local italian cycling clubs. I wonder if bicisport from Lenno participated ?

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