Saxobank-Sungard Training Camp displaying new Danish Talent

Riis plans towards future by bringing five Danish amateurs to training camp

I really like this move by Bjarne. It gives the young guys a chance to see how the big boys ride and see where they stack up. And you never know, it could produce some surprises ? I like this approach for the other reason that the young guys are hungrier than the pros, so they may prove greater support for Contador for the GT's ? Of course if they have the miles in their legs ?

The young charges come from 3 teams, Glud & Marstrand LRØ continental team, Team TRE-FOR and Team Concordia Forsikring

Michael Valgren Andersen
Nicki Østergaard
Jesper Hansen
Asbjørn Kragh Andersen
Nicola Aistrup

So keep your eye on these young Danish chargers as some day you might hear their names more frequently.

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