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In my return to cycling, I had reached a fork in the road. I spent many hours asking myself, had I become a person who was "interested" in this sport ? Or was I “committed" to this sport. It took me a while along with some soul searching. Days, led to weeks, weeks led to months as I pondered "Am I committed, or am I just interested ?" I had been at the "interested" level and experienced common to most as "plateau-ing." I wanted something to get me over the "hump." I knew I wanted to improve, but coming from the old school, I was confused over today's cycling training methods. I never heard of "tempo," nor pushing big gears in the winter months. I was always told to use a fix gear and stay on my small chain ring and spin for December and January. As you know, a lot has changed in training methods. I was debating about joining a local cycling club/team for a long while, but a team simply gave me a Sunday ride with a group with little room for real development or improvement. I wanted something more than just once a week casual conversation, and then as the pace increased, to get dropped off the back. After speaking with Ed Veal a few times, we met and discussed my goals. It wasn't a "sales pitch," it was simply allowing myself to embrace a totally new philosophy about this sport that I didn't know existed. Coming from the mid 80's, "LeMond" mentality of cycling, I did have a base of which to work off of, but I knew I would face a steep learning curve. I embraced Ed's philosophy and am proud to say I am officially under the guidance of not only himself, but of his partner Mike Mandel as well.
Many of you asked, how different is this from a personal trainer ? How do they differ from a personal trainer ?
Simple, they themselves are currently riding and trying to get better and share their wealth, knowledge and experience. I have found the majority of personal trainers feel they have reached their peak, and don't really get involved in the sport as heavily as they could. So their perception and perspectives becomes a lot different in what they pass along to you the client. This is not the case with Ed and Mike. They are currently working just as hard , and struggling to become better cyclists. They are not relying on their morals and their reputation.
Ed and Mike's philosophy gives me the structure I require. They are the ones, who I rely on to recognize barriers standing in my path, and help me get through them. They encourage and support me almost on a daily basis. Being 41 years old, I thought I knew myself ? I actually don't know myself as well as I thought. Ed and Mike have taught me more about myself and made me realize a potential I thought I never had. I think they are brilliant men. How these guys divide themselves up for all of us ? I don't know ? It's simply magic.
Are you one of those cyclists who are struggling to improve ? Do you go out on Sunday rides, hoping to receive more guidance and input from other riders, but never get it ? If so, then I would seriously recommend, changing your thinking and going the route of a coach. I did not think my life would turn out this way, where I would be seeking a coach and mentoring at 41 years of age ? But I have, and continue to learn more about myself through this new journey. I continue to push the barrier and its NOT EASY. It requires dedication and a lot of hard work Its a complete lifestyle change. Are you ready to make that change ? Along with my very supportive wife, thank you Ed and Mike, as you have transformed our lives for the better.

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