Look -Polar Pedal based power meter - A little too late in the game

Look and Polar are finally ready to ship the world’s second pedal-based power meter, the Look KeO Power.

As the name suggests, the system is based around a Look KeO pedal, combining data from 16 pedal-axle strain gauges and an externally mounted Polar P5 accelerometer and sensor setup to calculate power. The system will cost $2,200.

Pedal-based power meters provide a solution to practical problems posed by crank-based or hub-based meters — SRM, Quarq, Power2Max, and Powertap all included. Most importantly, they are easier to install and move between bikes than a crank-based system, and they don’t limit wheel choice as a hub-based system does.

Pedal-based meters can also provide a data set not available from a crank-based or hub-based power meter: left vs. right power. This helps identify deficiencies and allow those deficiencies to be corrected.

This is about the only selling feature they have.

The Look KeO Power will only be compatible with Polar CS500 and CS600 series head units, at least at first.

I don't know if this is a good move, but we all know LOOK's reputation in the peloton. The jury is still out on Polar's rebirth in the pro peloton. I say pro peloton because at over $2,000 dollars I don't think the weekend warriors are going to spend that much. So I think this is another problem Polar will face. They are pricing themselves out of the market.

What about those riders who enjoy Speedplay pedals with SRM or Powertap ?

How is Look going to change those who are currently riding dura ace or speedplay ? Again, a steep uphill battle they face.

I think its a little too late in the game for Polar. Garmin came in and pushed them right out with a superior Edge series product years ago. I think Polar have a steep uphill climb to regain market share in cycling again. By pairing itself with Look seems to be a last desperate attempt to get back into cycling.

I don't know any cyclist who's opting for a polar cs500 or cs600 in today's world ?

Polar reminds me of RIM, they had their day, did not invest in innovation, rested on their laurels, and have now become yesterday's news.

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