Team BMC, Too many chiefs for the Classics ?

So I'm thinking about how stacked of a lineup Team BMC is, for the classics this year ? Its been a while since I've seen such a "top heavy" team with the likes of Gilbert, Hushovd and Hincapie. You can be pretty sure when those three jerseys line up at the start of any classics race, there will be a level of intimidation for other teams.

So who's going to work for who ? What will be the team meetings like ? I can't wait to see it all unfold in weeks to come.

Hushovd has already shown his selfish ways when he was with Garmin and past teams. I'm not a fan of his especially how he rode in last year's Roubaix expecting the team to rally for him, and then expecting Cancellara to tow him to the line. Good for you Fabian!

Gilbert has also shown some selfish riding but at least he attained classic wins to his repertoire. We just won't ask Greipel what he thinks.

And then there is Big George. Will "the greatest team mate" be just that, come April 8 when the battle on the cobbles commences ?

So many questions to answer. If George has the ability to go for the win, I don't see him stopping to help ? That goes about the same for Gilbert and Thor. But , if everything goes sour, and the finger pointing begins after Roubaix, how will that unsettling energy in the team bus be controlled for the support of Cadel in the months to come for the Tour ?

In the mix of it all, is the young american Taylor Phinney, who's George's roommate at the moment. He carries great promise as the next big thing. He's hungry to help, but who will he sacrifice for ? I'm sure he's influenced by George at the moment. Will he be the perfect teammate for the others ?

And then after all the classics drama are out of the way, the big red BMC machine has to get organized to support Cadel for the tour. I'll discuss later in the year with another post. For now, bring on the classics. I can't wait !!

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