Cycling and my regiment of Dieting

As a cyclist one of my hardest battles to face is dieting. Many of us are trying to improve our "Power to Weight" Ratio. In the last 2 years I'm happy to report that I finally see light at the end of the tunnel. I am hovering at 151lbs (68kg) and I have just a little more to go.

Two years ago, before I got back into cycling, I weighed 175-177lbs (80kg). My metabolism is extremely slow at 41 years of age, so a night of bad eating affects me greatly. It hasn't been easy and is a daily battle.

What I would like to pass to you, is to acknowledge that what works for one person, will not necessarily work for the other. You really have to embrace the lifestyle change if you want to maintain a healthy cyclist body.

I have tried many different paths and finally found one that is working for me.

Along with the typical healthy fruits and veggie eating that we all are supposed to do. You know the typical "diet and exercise" blah, blah, blah, that people keep repeating. I found a few little tricks in my diet that I think have made the difference and have finally given me the reduction I wanted.

1. I cut out refined sugar and only consumer organic sugar. Cutting out eating refined sugar in almost every form was the key for me. As sugar is stored fat.
2.I now drink carbonated water with all meals. I find the carbonation fills me up allowing me to reduce my portions. So I consider it my portion control agent :-)
3.I substitued celery for carrots. Carrots are bad !!! Yes they are, TOO MUCH SUGAR.
4. Every month I do a cleanse. Yes, I cleanse but a specific one that works for me. I drink a special organic tea with built in laxatives. So any residual stored fat from that little bit of junk food I consume every now and then, is out of my system.
5. Instead of going to bed hungry, I will down a few rice cakes with the carbonated water.

So as I mentioned, along with all the typical nutrionist babble, I found those 4-5 things are really helping me shed the pounds. I have finally reached the level where I can "train more and eat less" and shed some pounds and not "bonk."

I've adopted a "Living of Lance" lifestyle for 2012 and so far so good !

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