Impressed with Team SpiderTech and Cyclesport Mgmt.

Actual pro team clothing (not replica) at a fraction of the price ?

I was in the market for another pair of bib shorts and the usual suspects were simply costing me well over my bugdet. I could not justify spending $250-$300 plus taxes on a pair of bib shorts. It got me thinking, do all pro teams where bib shorts that cost this much ? No they don't.

So I remembered this fire sale that Team Spidertech was having back in November so I decided to go onto their site. I am thoroughly impressed with Team SpiderTech and Cyclesport Management as they allow us the 'public' to purchase actual team clothing their pro riders wear.

For those of you who don't know this team, this outfit, this is Steve Bauer's professional continental team. You can also buy their Argon bikes, and accessories as well. In my 25 years of being in this sport, I have never had the opportunity to buy exact clothing worn by the pros. Yes, I mean the actual clothing team SpiderTech wear on their 6-7+ hour rides.

I emailed a gentleman by the name of Matt and he emailed me back very promptly. I was surprised to receive such high level of customer service. I ordered on Monday and my bib shorts arrived on Tuesday. How's that for service ? Now I can get actual quality pro team clothing for a fraction of the cost, with excellent customer service and next day delivery. That's hard to beat. So for $110 taxes included, included shipping I get to wear what the pros wear.

The only downside is, (yes there is a downside) that this Apple fanatic, will have Blackberry on his lower thigh. But i'm willing to put my differences aside on this as I know it supports Steve Bauer.

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